Friday, May 21, 2010

Phenomenal Spring Sale

Valley Antiques & Uniques is having a Phenomenal Spring Sale this Saturday May 22 & Sunday May 23.

Stop by our shop, dwelling, abode, refuge, nest, haven, home

so you can take advantage of this fabulous sale

then you can decorate your dwelling, abode, refuge, nest, haven, home......

Here is some signs I spotted at the shop today.

Dealers was in fluffing up thier spaces hanging thier signs, marking down prices.

No Way!! 50% Off!!
Yea you got it this dealer is marking everything in thier booth 50%,
don't go get your glasses you don't need them, it really says 50% Off..

So excited to see you all tomorrow and to meet some new customers.
Our store Hours and Location is on our side bar.

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The Vintage Attic said...

Can't wait!! Love a good sale!!