Thursday, December 9, 2010

Old Tyme Town Christmas

Lets get this Christmas Season started...
There is nothing like the memories of childhood Christmas,
you know the ones,
where you would get all bunddled up to go in town to do some shopping,
as a child all you could do is just gaze at all the lights, sounds and smells of Christmas.
Remember how enchanting it all was,
Those days are not lost.......
Come one come all to
Funkstowns Olde Tyme Town Christmas,
We'll have busy side walks, shopes will be open late
and lots of Christmas lights, sounds and cheer to go around.
Dec 10 6pm-9pm
Valley Antiques will be having their Christmas Open House
all weekend long
Friday Dec. 10am - 9pm
Saturday Dec. 11 10am-5pm
Sunday Dec. 12 11am -5pm
Most dealers are doing a 20% and more off their already low prices..
See you at the shope

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